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                Mingjinghua PO film



                Three innovative technologies

                Continuous high transmittance initial transmittance of 93%, the outer layer uses nano-coating self-cleaning technology, rejects dust adhesion, commonly used

                Long-lasting anti-fog and anti-flow technology: anti-fog and anti-drip function and the same life of the membrane

                Artificial environmental degradation: artificial degradation does not produce toxic gases, completely environmentally friendly


                Multiple improvements

                Longer service life: unique antioxidant and light stabilizer, anti-aging, weatherproof, corrosion resistant, longer service life

                Higher strength: The tensile and tear resistance of Mingshihua 10 silk PO film is higher than that of domestic 15 wire PE or EVA film.

                Better insulation performance: high light transmission and unique anti-fog technology, heating up faster. Reflecting heat radiation at night to prevent crop damage

                Reduce pests and diseases: the relative humidity is reduced, the light transmittance is high, the ultraviolet light is transmitted, the sterilization is reduced, and the drugs and pests are reduced.

                Increased production and income quality: high photosynthesis, increased consistency in output and quality, can increase the morning market income

                Technical Parameters

                Performance data

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